Workplace Burn-out

Work-place burn-out occurs when:

  • You’re no longer feeling challenged at work
  • You can no longer find the ability to be excited about the job you preform
  • You slow in productivity
  • You just don’t want to be there.
  • You develop a cynical sense of humor about your career field

One of my co-workers described it this way, ” I feel like a piece of my soul dies every time I pull into the parking lot.”  YIKES!!!

While workplace burn-out is very real and happens for most of us, here are a few ways to combat it:

  • Play uplifting music on the way to work.  

Whatever your preference maybe, use it as a tool to get in the zone!

  • Decorate your work space with things that make you happy.  

Pictures of of your kids, your significant other, funny sayings, pictures of your dream celebrity, jokes… anything that makes you smile (Be careful to stay away from things that make you dread being at work, ie. pictures of the beach)


When the alarm clock goes off, (James Brown said it best, ) GET ON UP! Hitting the snooze allows you to begin a negative statements about having to go to work. 

Statements like: “I don’t wanna go, NOOOOOOO, or Why Jesus!”

  • Take a lunch break.  

Get out of the office, you need the break. Invite some friends to lunch and make it a NO WORK ZONE. (there should be no conversations about work at this time)

  • Take a vacation or stay-cation.  

Take care of yourself.  Catch up on your work as much as you can and take a few days off.  Give your body time to rest, if you don’t, your body will restore itself though fatigue and illness whether you schedule it or not.

Posing the question, “Will you be wearing a bikini or a hospital gown for your vacation?”  Oddly enough, they both provide a great amount of ventilation.

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