Seasons of Change

Calendar-Based Seasons of Change

If we were to compare life to calendar based seasons, we would be able to identify 4 continual stages of change within the life cycle: winter, spring, summer and fall/autumn.


Winter is the season when the climate turns cold.  It is when fruit- bearing perennials don’t give fruit, the leaves turn brown, and the sky is gloomy nearly most of the day.

Some would say it’s when we, “hibernate” or when things tend to progress slowly, or even come to a halt.

If at every glance things appear to lack growth, or have no life, it can sometimes cause us to feel dark, empty, and hopeless.  In this moment, we can forget that winter is a necessity and feel like it is punishment.

We must hold on to the fact that this season is not the last. In fact winter is necessary for growth… without it, there would be no spring and no summer.

The truth is… that winter will come.  It has to.  In this frigid season, you can do one of two things:

  1. Utilize Hibernation                                                   2. Abuse Hibernation

Hibernation is a function of survival.  It involves a deep sleep and uses very little energy.  

We can utilize it:  Use this time to refocus, look at things as they are and make a realistic goal to execute in the following season.

For instance, if your winter is a job you feel that you’ve outgrown; use this time to prepare yourself for a new opportunity.

  1. Going back to school                      2.Obtaining a new certification                      3. Learning a new skill

Make your own opportunities!

We can abuse it:   Becoming overwhelmed by the cold and the gloominess of the sky.   We can become stagnant; resulting in pulling the covers over our heads and refusing to move.

This can look like staying in the environment you hate.  One that mutes your growth, beats you down and makes you feel miserable.  

Experiencing a difficult winter can cloud our mental focus.   It can create a reluctance to acknowledge the inevitable or become unable to face the dawning of spring, settling ourselves in for a long, cold, cruel, perpetual winter.  


Spring is when the weather grows warmer, the plants and trees begin to bloom, the grass begins to grow and the days become longer.

Because spring can be referred to as an awakening, it can be a whimsical season and everywhere we look things are in bloom.  It’s easy to see the beauty in things as the brightness of the sky and warmer days envelop us.

The truth is… spring will come, but patience is key.  This is the time to SPRING into action to make sure things in your life will bloom.  In this season you can do one of two things:

  1. Utilize the blooming season                                                        2. Abuse the blooming season

We can utilize it:  Become inspired by the growth and take advantage of the momentum.  Spring would be the time to put your winter plan into motion.  Now that you have a direction in which you’d like to proceed:

  1. Research it                                                                                            2. Enroll in your educational program                                                                                      3. Register for your certification program

We can abuse it:  Don’t get caught in the experience of its beauty, basking in the sun and watching others grow around you.  In this, we can become complacent: forgetting that time is continuing all around us.

This method can be disastrous to your mental state.  The result could be suddenly recognizing that 10 years have passed, and being faced with the harsh reality that time has gotten away from you, and you haven’t achieved all that you’d hoped.


Summer is the hottest of the four seasons.  Due to Earth’s placement in relation to the sun, it’s also the season of supreme sunlight.

As the days become longer, we become more active and more visible.  Everything is in full bloom, the sky is bright and the evening breeze carries warmth wrapped in sunshine.

The truth is… summer is an active season, it’s a season of work.  In fact, it may be the season in which we must work the hardest.  In this season you can do one of two things:

  1. Utilize the active season                                                                   2. Abuse the active season

We can utilize it:  We can use the time of daylight to put into action the plans we’ve made during the spring.  We can begin working on our plan.  This stage requires a great deal of sacrifice.   It requires some sleepless nights and declining invitations to spend time with friends.  

  1. Studying                                       2.  Attending classes                    3.    Completing  assignments

At this time, we can be tempted to abandon our plans all together, but STAY FOCUSED!

We can abuse it:  For some of us, quite a bit of time may have passed since we have seen sunshine.  Now that it’s here, we want to enjoy it.  We want to make up for all of the time we feel we’ve lost due to the long harsher seasons we’ve experienced.  

The belief that you have plenty of time to spare can be tragic to your plans and mental state.  We must be careful, otherwise summer can become a time of play, and you can find that you have grossly neglected your plans.

There will be time to lounge in the sunshine and you should… you’ve worked hard.  

Once you’ve completed you plans, enjoy it, celebrate it and take it in! You deserve it. The sacrifice has paid of.  Now it’s time to slow down and take a much needed break.   Ready or not fall/autumn will be here quicker than you know it.


Autumn is the season we are transitioning towards winter.  The climate is cooler, the leaves change colors, some trees lose their leaves all together, and the sky begins to dim, prompting the notion that winter is on the horizon.

Depending on where you are regionally, autumn can be lengthy, or it can almost happen seemingly overnight.  Also depending on the type of summer you’ve experienced, the change in climate can be quite welcoming.  At this point, you can feel your quickened pace slowing.

The truth is… autumn is a season of preparation; readying yourself for the deep sleep of hibernation.  In this season you can do one of two things:

  1. Utilize the preparation season                                                     2. Abuse the preparation season

We can utilize it:  After a significant amount of quality work and a bit of play, we can enjoy the environment our hard work has created.  

After getting the promotion, the obtaining a new job or conquering a new career field; life can be challenging, exciting and more enjoyable.  But don’t be misled.  Start to take notice of the subtle cues around us, and know that it’s time to make provisions enough to last through the bitter cold season when most things don’t grow.

Now you are riding high on the wave of your success.  While the hard work was definitely worth it, unfortunately, things won’t always be this way.  There will be another lull that only comes when the season changes to winter. 

We can abuse it:  We know that winter must come.  For some, it’s hard to accept that we must live through a season of little to no growth.  Yet, in objection to the impending winter, we fight the urge to trade our sweaters for a heavy coat; somehow believing that our contempt will mean that we won’t have to experience winter.  Still we have to face the fact that we will… we have to…

The winter is needed in order for things to bloom again.

The thing about seasons is that each is special.  Each are imperative to the survival of the life cycle.  While some may be more enjoyable than others, we must (and will) experience them all.

But the GOOD NEWS is we can be productive in ANY season.  It’s all about knowing which season you’re in, knowing what to expect from it, and having a plan for the transition into the upcoming season.  

You can do it!

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